I spend over an hour on this site browsing products and adding them to the cart. I got out my credit card and hit the checkout button. Here is the popup message I recieved!


LOL don't waste your time. If they want to insult people then they sure hit that nail on the head. However I also lost $30 of my time.

So that is an hour of my life I will NEVER get back. They could fix the problem in a hurry in one of two ways: Put the minimum order problem on every page in big bold letters or reduce the minimum order. They could also close up shop. That's three but I had to put in 100 words here.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I have bought several orders and very satisfied!! Had one knife had problem with, they replaced free shipping.


even if you were a hooker you would not be worth $30 an hour

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1029928

Your a *** it says it right on there page I know couple people there. They always help fast shipping discounts up to %15 off

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